Reel Repair
With over 85 years of combined experience, our repair crew is here to handle any challenge that may come along. From the simple drag washer replacement to the complex rebuild, we can handle it all.
Large jobs are welcomed here! We service dedicated guide reels for large and small companies on the west coast, and would welcome any newcomers. Special rates and discounts apply; so don’t be shy to ask.

Whether you have a small single repair or a couple hundred reels, we can help!

Types of services we offer:
Complete service includes a complete teardown. Your reel will be cleaned, de-salted (for saltwater reels), re-oiled, greased, and adjusted. For certain reels, you will have options regarding parts, so please ask about upgrades for your reel.
(all Complete serviced reels carry a 90 day Guaranty)
Quick Fix service Bail springs, new handle and some minor adjustments can be done while you wait with our Quick Fix service.

Reel repair pricing $$$??? - CLICK HERE

Reel Parts
For the "do it yourself" repair. We carry a complete line of parts. You can view schematics
*  of your reels by clicking the appropriate logo on the right. This will help in assessing the proper part numbers and descriptions.
NOTE: *Not all reels or manufactures schematics are available. We will keep updating as information becomes available.

As they say "an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure" so visit our maintenance tips page


We guarantee you'll be happy with the results or we’ll make it right!
(all Complete serviced reels carry a 90 day Guaranty)
You can either drop off your reel at the shop or send it in the mail to:

10240 NE Halsey St.
Portland, OR 97220

Just put a note in with the reel explaining what the problem is, and whether you use our "Quick Fix" or have a full Complete service. Please be sure to give us your daytime and/or night time phone number in case of a delay or problem we may encounter.
 We accept VISA, MC, Cashiers Cheque, and Money Orders.