How it all began - "The history of Ollie Damon's"

  Ollie Damon XII and Ollie Damon XIII opened a hobby and toy store in 1945. 
  Perhaps not wanting to argue over a name, they called the store Ollie Damon's.
  Offering Radio Flyer wagons, dolls, model airplanes and such, that served the
  needs of a postwar America deserving of some family time. A year later, fishing
  tackle was added  to the product mix. The father and son team bought spinners
  from such legendary names as Ernie Poulsen (Poulsen Cascade) and Arlo Ellliot
  (the founder of Allsports Supply, the largest wholesale house in the Northwest).

  The progression of the business brought direct relationships with manufactures.
  Soon father and son were purchasing goods directly from Shakespeare, Penn
  and Garcia. Expansion saw the addition of airguns by Crosman, Daisy, Benjamin
  and Sheridan. As the store developed its position as a prominent Portland
  sporting goods store, the merchandise that had been going out over the years
  became due for service. In 1954 Ollie Damon's was brought on as a Crosman
  Warranty/Repair center (and remains to this day the oldest in the U.S.). In 1959
  Ollie Damon's became a Coleman Repair Center.

  Throughout the 1960's, Ollie Damon's notoriety for repair spread to the fishing
  reels. They added service for Penn, Shimano and virtually every major manufact-
  urer to their business. They were the pioneers to the field, with such credentials
  as being the second Shimano Repair Center in the U.S., missing the number one
  position by two days. Soon they were fixing just about everything in the outdoor
  category, including outboard motors. It became a marked transition for the busi-
  ness, with a larger emphasis on repair and service. Wisely, dollars earned in this
  area were reinvested into the parts inventory.

  The 1970's saw continued growth for Ollie Damon's which would mark the height
  of the business. As the decade wound to a close, factories were bringing on an
  increasing amount of repair centers, chipping away from the foundation of the
  business. Early in the 1980's Ollie XIII suffered a massive heart attack. Receiving
  an early quadruple bypass to save his life, the procedure also put him in the hospital
  for a full year. Ownership of Ollie Damon's changed hands in 1984.

  Rich and Susan Basch purchased Ollie Damon's in 1992. Continuing a tradition that
  began 47 years earlier, they have maintained an emphasis on the service side of the

  Rich and Susan would like to extend a personal "Thank you" for visiting our site,
  and invite you to visit us soon!